Drain Plugs

Explosion-proof electric engine drain plugs can not be removed during installation and also during maintenance, and must not cover or obstruct the ventilation of the engine. A minimum clearance of ¼ of the air inlet diameter of the baffle must be maintained in relation to the distance from the walls. The air used for engine cooling should be at room temperature, 15 hp 254TC motor and at the maximum at the temperature indicated on the engine nameplate. The drain plugs should always be positioned so that drainage is promoted and if there is an arrow indicating the drain it should be mounted so that the arrow points down.

For places with high water condensation and motors with IP55 degree of protection, the drains can be mounted in the open position. For motors with IP56, IP65 or IP66 degree of protection, the drains must be in the closed position, open only when the engine is being serviced. Engines with rubber drain plugs leave the factory in the closed position and should be opened periodically to allow condensed water to escape. Engines with Oil Mist lubrication should have their drains connected to a specific collection system.